Also, underinflated tires can easily warp and even completely disintegrate. ST-metric tires don’t need to have excellent traction because they aren’t driven. The speed rating this unit has is L, and the dread depth is 9.45 inches. That’s why we have many other articles devoted to finding the right unit. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in.

They’re made specifically for trailers, so they have a unique tread design, sidewall thickness and ply rating when compared to truck or car tires. A product with positive reviews will give you peace of mind that you are making the right choice. SuperCargo ST Radial Trailer Radial Tire, Factors to Consider When Choosing Boat Trailer Tires. Every trailer owner knows that towing can be a complicated business. Bias Ply Tires are also not that expensive as Radial tires. This SuperCargo ST Radial Trailer Radial Tire is a good option for your boat trailer, as it has a ‘C’ load range (a tire weight rating of 1360lbs). Many people have a limited amount of knowledge when it comes to boat anchors, boat fenders, boat trailer tires, etc. Freestar M-108 8 Ply D Load Radial Trailer Tire, 4. The tires are 8 Ply rated and have a D load range. The reason is very simple – when the trailer loses traction or grip, your vehicle will start to behave erratically and you probably won’t be able to do anything about it. Available in different sizes and configurations for various makes and models of trailers, these tires come in a complete set of four for ease of installation. Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire – 205/75R15 107L. If you have some free time, go check them out as well. This is mainly because their job is a heavy-duty one.

These tires were identified with a letter which indicated the tire's load capacity, followed by an "R" if radial ply construction, the tire's aspect ratio and wheel…, …tire body plies crisscross on a Diagonal and that the tire has a "bias ply" construction. One is the fact that it is available in different load ranges (C, D, and E, to be more specific). The Homaster V is an excellent bias-ply trailer tire for drivers that often take their trailers off-road. 4 results for 225 75 15 trailer tires 14 ply. However, keep in mind that they have a little bit of vibration. Thanks to the radial construction, this tire provides a stable and grippy ride on the highway. ST 225/75R15 Freestar M-108 10 Ply E Load Radial Trailer Tire 2257515. Those who purchased and reviewed this trailer tire appreciated the quality that these tires provided for the price, and mentioned it would make an excellent spare.

The tie composition of the SuperCargo ST Radial Trailer Radial Tire – 175/80R13 91L is 6 Ply. Radial trailer tires range in price from just under $50 to about $150. These tires are no Michelin’s, but for the price, these can be the deal of your life.

Why Shop for Wheels by First Selecting a Vehicle? Provider ST Trailer Tire (Load Range G), 3. If that is indeed true, make sure you share this piece with all your family and friends, they may find the information written here useful as well. Carlisle Sport Trail LH Bias Trailer Tire, 6.

Don’t worry, you will not spend much time maintaining trailer tires – it’s just a few simple tips that need to be followed. If the thickness goes under 3.30” then it is time to change those tires. Their speed rating is M (81mph), so they are also suitable for highway use. The photons from the sun, especially the UV rays, can oxidize the rubber and make it much less pliable. These tires offer excellent traction during hard acceleration, outstanding grip in the corners, and strong braking performance. This is essential, especially when buying tires online. The tire can offer you low rolling resistance and premium contour. Nevertheless, these tires also come in lower load ratings, which will translate into worse durability. For a Radial tire, this product is really durable. Follow these tips, to ensure your travels are safe. It offers enhanced traction capabilities in both wet and dry conditions, and is suitable for use in a variety of applications.

Excellent tire, especially in the LT. Tire…. Also, these tires work much better for off-road driving, and agricultural use. Just pick up the phone and give us a ring. It has a C load range and a weight rating of 1820 Lbs. This bias constructed trailer tire comes pre-mounted on a steel wheel for ease of installation, and features a center bore of 3.19 inches. Also, it will struggle with stability on the highway. Grand Ride 2 New Trailer Tires ST 205/75R14 8PR Load Range D. Available in a selection of various sizes to suit different types of trailers, these tires come in an economical set of two for ease of changes. You shouldn’t just pick some tires and buy them. However, the unit has so many other advantages, that it is definitely an option you should consider. Moreover, the double steel belts and double polyester cords help with durability and toughness. Some comments mentioned the tread wear was quite nice on these tires, and felt they were a good value even with their higher price tag. Still, this is one of the best tires for highway use – the 81mph speed rating is a testament to that. The Westlake ST is a radial trailer tire that works excellently for drivers that cover a lot of miles with their trailers. The maximum load capacity of the Homaster is 3,100 lbs, while the maximum pressure is 115 psi. Here is a list of the maximum load pressures of ST-metric trailer tires with various load ratings and their “Ply” counterparts. Also, the tires you purchase must be the same size as the existing ones, but you probably already know that. This info is easily obtained by looking at your trailer user manual.

You shouldn’t think that the quality of the product is tied to the rating. Wanda Trailer Tires 4.80-8 6PR Load Range C – 11029. For trailers using 14"-16" modern metric fitments, we offer the Goodyear Marathon Radial and Power King Towmax STR in many 6, 8, and 10 ply load ranges.

The unit has only a few disadvantages: it does not come with a ram, and the sidewalls may cause you problems if you drive too fast or carry a cargo that is too heavy.

Boat seats, boat carpets, trolling motors, and so on and so forth, are all things that you need to look after. The composition of the tire is 6 Ply, and you will also get a center groove for consistent tracking and stability. The max capacity of the tire is 990 pounds, and the recommended PSI is 90. We recommend that you buy special plastic or micro-fiber cases for each tire. Trailer tires should have a thick construction, and a high speed rating. Both of these numbers are excellent for the size of the tire. There’s not a lot of freedom here. This radial tire boasts a 13-inch diameter along with a section width of 225 millimeters, and carries a speed rating of L. 4 New Gremax Premium Trailer Tires ST235/85R16 Radial 12PR Load Range F. Available in a convenient set of four, these trailer tires boast a nylon overlay across the entire tread area for added safety.

This unit, once again, does not come with a rim. The letters you want to memorize here are the ones between B and F. These letters designate the rating of the tire and how much load it can carry. Tires can be the same size, but is one has more plies it will be able to haul a heavier load. Trust us, there is a difference between various brands and models in terms of stability, durability, and also cost. Among the most fundamental reasons for trailer tire wear, though, is oxidization. Furthermore, they should also be able to maintain the excellent performance even on very heavy trailers, and to be durable – nobody wants to replace their trailer tires every year. Grand Ride Premium Trailer Tires ST 175/80R13 8PR Load Range D. Available in a selection of various sizes to suit different types of trailers, these tires come in an economical set of four and boast premium construction. Besides the fact that they are durable, the tires also look really good.

You might have forgotten about them, but the tires on your trailer are very important for safety, perhaps even more than the tires on your truck or SUV. Another advantage this tire has is the five-year warranty, which will give you peace of mind. The higher the ply rating of your trailer tire, the higher its sidewall strength.

The good side is that you can use them for various things, the negative, however, is that even though it is said they feature an innovative tread design, their tread is thinner than it should be. However, radial tires aren’t very tough. This gives much better structural rigidity and subsequently, makes the tires tougher. These tires have much stiffer sidewalls to combat heavy cargo, which also helps tremendously with toughness and longevity.

…expanded our trailer tire selection to further cater to the enthusiast with utility trailers, boat trailers and car trailers. The Power King Low Boy Trailer Bias Tire – 7-14.5LT is indeed a bit more expensive than the usual tires, but with all the characteristics it has, we can say that it is worth it. LRE 10 PR Kenda Loadstar Bias Trailer Tire, 9. For this reason, we recommend you visit a mechanic and always check the reviews a particular unit has. Also, this tire has excellent treadlife.

The performance of the tires in all aspects depend on how well inflated they are. A new trailer tire will have a letter on its sidewall that indicates its speed rating: M for 81 mph, L for 75 mph, and J for 62 mph.

Click here to find out more. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. Change them regularly, Another thing that matters is how deep the thread is. You can also call your dealer or simply check online. Furthermore, they should also be able to maintain the excellent performance even on very heavy trailers, and to be durable – nobody wants to replace their trailer tires every year. The internal tire type is tubeless. Since she got her first car, she’s loved the feel of the open road underneath her and the views through her windshield.

ST Nanco S622 6 Ply C Load Bias Trailer Tire, 8. There are many tips on how to maintain your trailer tires, but here are the main things you need to be careful with.

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