Built about 10 feet from a ship channel on the Texas coast, this pool and spa from Austin Water Designs blends with the coastal architecture. If so. Source: https://www.riverpoolsandspas.com/blog/inground-swimming-pool-size-co, Build your own vinyl-liner pool (need experience doing this), Vinyl-liner pool with no features and very little to no decking, Install your own fiber-glass pool (costs can accrue quickly though), Small "cocktail" pool for socializing and lounging, Small fiberglass or concrete pool (you'd have to find a good deal or sacrifice size to stay within budget), Concrete pool (size may still be limited), Fiberglass pool with landscaping features, Fiberglass pool (size may still be limited). Although not a large space, the mature plants provide a relaxing, private getaway. What should you consider when choosing a pool layout? Designed by AAA Custom Pools. This Boerne, Texas-area pool by Dynamic Environments packs a lot into a small amount of space, offering its owners privacy while still offering views. Just off the exercise room is a pool, with spectacular views. The outdoor entertaining area, kitchen, and lounge were built at the same time as the pool and spa and features wood ceilings that match the pool and spa decking. Older pools most likely are rectangular in shape and can be ideal for exercising. So is location—think about the placement of the pool and if it will be easily accessible via the house. The rectangular pool complements rather than competes with the home and further emphasizes the beauty of the Southern California lifestyle. As a source of exercise, the long, straight lines of a rectilinear pool make sense for pool owners who want to swim laps. This house in the desert is geometric, so the lap pool continues the form outdoors. Select an item on the right to compare relative dimensions to Rectangular Swimming Pools. Materials were matched for all components of this project in Tenafly, New Jersey, which includes a pool, spa, decking, coping, and pergola. Many people don't factor in the decking when thinking about getting a pool. Thinking of installing an in-ground pool? Most people end up spending more time sitting around the pool than swimming in it, so this is an important thing to factor in. This may be a good option for people who live in places where swimming weather is only around for a few months or those who don't want to spend a pretty penny. Sometimes, a smaller pool is just easier. If it's all about luxury, then you might want a rounded or freeform pool with strong aesthetic appeal. Having a pool makes you suddenly very popular with neighbors and friends! While the pool is made of concrete, the stone used for the decking and surrounding patio match the house, tying together all elements. Sizes:12’ x 24’ | 3.7m x 7.3m14’ x 28’ | 4.3m x 8.5m16’ x 32’ | 4.9m x 9.8m18’ x 36’ | 5.5m x 11m20’ x 40’ | 6.1m x 12.2m22’ x 44’ | 6.7m x 13.4m, Drawings include:Rectangular Swimming Pools plans (inward steps), plans (outward steps), plan (person). Tightly clipped hedges, symmetrical containers of white flowers, bold geometric shapes and placement, and a formal fountain backdrop are all classic design elements centered around a beautiful rectangular pool. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. If it's more for the kids, then a small and shallow pool will do. You will also need to figure out how much you're willing to spend. Built as either in-ground or above ground pools, swimming pools are often created as public pools, children’s pools, competition pools, hotel pools, or as private pools. Subscribed! Lisa Hallett Taylor is a writer and editor with 12+ years experience covering architecture, landscape design, and do-it-yourself projects. Your pool builder should check and know this, as codes can affect the size and shape of a pool. How do you design the area around a pool? Well, the first thing you need to do is determine what shape and size you are looking for and what your budget is. A pool environment in Atlanta is located on a sprawling property. Placement, privacy, visibility from inside the home are also factors to consider as a pool can become a huge part of one’s everyday living. ", Will it be located near your neighbor's wall? Swimming pools are structures designed to hold a body of water for people to swim in as an exercise or leisure activity. A still pool at night that is as beautiful to look at as it is to actually swim in. Continue to 21 of 24 below. Square "plunge pools" are increasingly popular residential pools that are compact but deep enough to live up to their name. Older pools most likely are rectangular in shape and can be ideal for exercising. Traditionally, reflection pools are rectilinear in shape. This infinity pool in Peachtree City, Georgia, looks like a smooth sheet of glass. Plan the pool size and shape with your contractor before digging further into a project. If you want to keep costs lower, you'll have to stay with a smaller, vinyl-lined pool with no deck or landscaping. This courtyard pool designed by Sapphire Pools in Perth, Australia, is nestled perfectly between the gym and the house for easy access. The outdoor entertaining area, kitchen, and lounge were built at the same time as the pool and spa and features wood ceilings that match the pool and spa decking. A lot depends on how the pool is going to be used. Designed by Tranquility Pools, other outdoor features include a fully equipped kitchen, custom fire pit, tennis court, basketball court, large patio, and a cabana. Fountains and waterfalls give the pool/spa a dramatic presentation on the edge that drops off from spa to pool, and from pool to the vanishing edge. In the following examples discover just how versatile something as basic as a rectangle can be. Deciding on a pool design is largely a matter of personal preference, but there are a few limitations and guidelines to keep in mind. Want updates on new Dimensions content? Knowing some of the basic principles and popular designs is just a launching point for coming up with a plan that suits you and your home. In addition to all of the fun that comes with a large pool, it also comes with more maintenance and work. This cap finishes the overall look of the pool while protecting the wall from harsh weather conditions. A sleek, mid-century modern house in Palm Springs has a long, cool pool to echo the lines of the home's roof and covered patio. A courtyard pool and adjacent spa from Caviness Landscape Design is the focal point of a yard in Edmond, Oklahoma, and can be accessed from several rooms that surround the flagstone patio. Located in Saint-Laurent-du-Var, France, this pool with surrounding wooden deck is made by the French pool-building firm Diffauzer Piscenes and is made of watertight reinforced concrete. Use our Size Comparison calculator to compare the dimensional properties of Rectangular Swimming Pools with other related elements from our database. From Aqua Technics ' Caprice line, this rectangular pool in Perth, Australia, measures 26 x 10 feet and features an azure blue finish. For example, increased surrounding greenery can allow for intimacy and privacy. Square and round pools usually have a uniform depth, often on the deeper end of the spectrum. It is the coping that one hangs onto when in the water and provides a non-slip surface for walking. If the pool is going to mainly be used for exercise or swimming laps, it should have a uniform depth of 4 or 5 feet. Think about this when choosing a location. From there, you can decide whether to go with a tried-and-true option or deviate from the norm. If you have a large family or if your house will become the place all of the neighborhood kids will flock to, you may want to think about getting a larger pool. Rectangles are perfect for vanishing-edge pools and this one designed by Thrasher Pool and Spa features a large spa that repeats the shape of the pool and is on a slightly higher level, accessible via steps on both sides. Designed by Pool Environments, a Dallas area full-service pool and landscaping firm, this pool shows that a rectangular shape fits nicely on a smaller-sized lot. Selective Designs likes to use a technique called "Water in Transit" for infinity overflow pools that are complemented with mood-enhancing features like landscape lighting and fire features. Depth is the one dimension that isn't limited by the real estate you have to work with, so there's a lot of flexibility here. Finally, lights can be placed to increase safety and create an ambience. The pool can also come in a variety of shapes. However, the prototypical rectangular family pool is something like 3 feet deep on the shallow end and 6 feet at the deep end.

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