But you might suffer a bit in airflow at high RPM. For fans of the classic ’55-’87* Toyota Land Cruiser, replacing the troublesome carburetion system with state of the art electronic fuel injection required a custom build that could end with questionable results. Make your vehicle faster and more powerful with premium-quality performance fuel system parts stocked on our website. You can edit the text in this area, and change where the contact form on the right submits to, by entering edit mode using the modes on the bottom right. This TBI system is based off the reliable 1987 to 1995 Chevy PU with Throttle Body Injection (TBI) this was a proven great system for years and there were and still are thousands of these vehicles out there. Or you can do what we did and simply drill a hole and thread in a barb elbow. In every way the car runs better than ever, but under highway cruise conditions the TBI sitting on the carb manifold doesn’t distribute the air/fuel mixture evenly enough to lean out the mixture too much on this car so I’m running it a bit richer than I’d like, not that different than the carb. As the air/fuel mixture isn’t as even as I’d like to see I can’t lean it out when cruising where it needs to be to get the mileage, so I’m not seeing a big improvement in gas mileage. That’s important or you might not have power when cranking, so test it! Check your o-rings and if they’re in bad shape then replace them (parts store), mine weren’t perfect but were holding together, and they’ve been fine though I may grab some replacements next time I visit the parts store. I highly recommend a wideband o2 sensor such as the, (note:  the terms MAT and IAT are used interchangeably, meaning Manifold Air Temp, or Intake Air Temp). A 60-100 micron stainless filter just outside the tank and before the pump will do a fine job. Connect to your MegaSquirt ECU with the tuning software. Before you start, on the ‘Fuel Set-up>General’ screen set ECU Type to ‘1’ and click the Burn to ECU button. You’ll want to disconnect the fuel lines and drop the fuel tank. Cost me $33-34 total. This required the third and final hole in the firewall that I drilled large enough for my EGT wiring an anything else I’d be passing through as well, also using a grommet of course. Support Articles » Technical Articles » Installation Articles » Chevrolet / GM » MegaSquirt Carb to EFI Conversion: One Step at a Time » MegaSquirt Carb to EFI Conversion – Part 1: TBI Fuel Only. I re-used the stock carb linkage from the Quadrajet, but had to build a spacer to move it back just a bit. Here’s what I got for that: I then slapped a TBI adapter plate on my Torker II intake Manifold and bolted the TBI to it. Just keep in mind in future articles related to this car, you’ll be comparing to the lower numbers here to see how we’ve improved from the initial TBI fuel only setup– I wish I had this dyno around when I had the carb setup on it so I could keep all the comparisons consistent, but that’s just how it goes. Same car configuration and tuning, just different dyno, different day. If a sensor is completely disconnected it will typically read -40*F. Make sure the throttle opens and closes with your application of the pedal. If you want a simple install using a TBI like this but want a higher flow TBI, there are modified hi-flow GM TBI’s available in the aftermarket (ebay is a good place to look), and Holley has a 900CFM 4-barrel TBI that works just great with MegaSquirt, you can often find them used on Ebay or Craigslist. Next, power and ground were wired up to the relay board. I left them this way for consistency in testing, but I know it’s playing a role with fuel puddling and falling out of the airstream. (includes brackets, terminals, and barbed fittings, MegaSquirt Carb to EFI Conversion: One Step at a Time, Road/ Track Tuning your MegaSquirt Engine Management System, we ended up using some AN fittings like these, Innovate MotorSports LC-2 Wideband O2 Sensor, MegaSquirt Carb to EFI Conversion: RMR EFI, Twin Turbocharging our Nova: One Step at a Time Part1: Main Turbo Conversion, MegaSquirt Carb to EFI Conversion – Part 2: Ignition Control, Carb to EFI: Other ignition control alternatives, MegaSquirt Carb to EFI Conversion: Part 3: MPFI Conversion.

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